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What are Monsoons and Storm Damage?

Monsoons in Tucson are patterns of increased thunderstorms and rainfall that typically effect all of Pima County and the State of Arizona. These storms can produce heavy rainfall, hurricane like wind and hail. Beginning in mid-June and loosing strength by mid-September, these storms bring much needed relief from the brutal Summer heat we see in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona. However, the relief to the temperature can wreak havoc on your wallet. These storms can leave destruction is their wake. Not all storm damage is related to Monsoons. The good news is SCBS, LLC and its staff are trained to help you with any type of Monsoon or Storm Damage event you may be experiencing.

Homeowners and business owners in Tucson may find, after a storm, their roofs with gaping holes allowing water to leak in from severe wind, rain and hail. This type of damage needs quick repair so as not to lead to mold or damage other belongings or building components within your home or business. Damage to air conditioners, heaters, electrical components, paint and windows are additional items that may be damaged from a Monsoon or Storm. SCBS, LLC is a commercial and residential general contractor in Arizona and has a multitude of expert licensed subcontractors standing ready to mobilize to any size project if their assistance is required.

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Our Process

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    A storm or monsoon just hit Tucson. You may or may not know you have a problem. Either way you should get an inspection. Scheduling an inspection is easy and FREE. Contact our office with a phone call (520) 209-1930 or email and a trained account manager will contact you to set up an appointment. Once on-site, an SCBS, LLC team member will take pictures and detailed notes regarding the damage they witness. They will ask questions regarding the properties age and other details that may be important to the damage found. Once complete, an inspection report will be created. This report shall be sent to you as a digital PDF or a paper copy whichever is preferred. A proposal can be created from the report to repair the damage. In some cases damage

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    Filing a Claim

    In some cases the damage left by a Tucson Monsoon or Storm will be covered by your property insurance policy. If this is the case, SCBS, LLC can help guide you through the steps of filing a claim on the damage. It is important to note that this service like the inspection is FREE of charge. Our team has years of experience guiding clients through the claims process and are happy to help with questions.

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    Meet with Your Insurance Company

    Once a claim is filed, your insurance company will send an adjuster out to your property. We will meet with the adjuster and review the damage. The adjuster may take pictures and notes similar to the initial inspection performed by SCBS, LLC. The insurance adjuster will then take their report, as well as ours, and generate a settlement for the insurance company to provide you. If all the items are agreed to be covered then SCBS, LLC will provide you with a construction contract and a project manager and we will get to work.

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    Final Close Out

    At the conclusion of construction activities SCBS, LLC will provide you with a comprehensive close-out report. This report will detail all the work and finishes which were installed in your home or business. It will also include any warranties and optional extended warranties for the work which was performed. You will have an opportunity to walk the project with a project manager and point out any issues that need to be attended to prior to SCBS, LLC demobilizing from the project.

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