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Mold Removal in Tucson, AZ

  • Do you live in Tucson, AZ?  Are you having trouble breathing when you get home from work? Does the problem go away once you leave your house?
  • D you work in Tucson, AZ?  Do you suffer from excessive sneezing at work? Does the sneezing stop after you leave the office?
  • Do you experience headaches at home but do not have them when you are out of the house running errands?
  • Do you see mold growth in a particular room in your home or office?

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above or have seen mold growing in your Tucson, AZ home or office the problem may be larger than you may think. Contact us and we can assist you in determining if Mold Removal is right for you.

Does Mold Occur in Tucson, AZ?

Mold is a type of fungus that can be found in many environments throughout Tucson, and can grow on many surfaces, including wood, carpet and food. Mold is spread through spores that flow through the air, landing on surfaces. In most cases, the spores don’t grow into mold, but if there is enough moisture, mold will form.  These conditions often occur in Tucson’s monsoon season, usually beginning in the month of July.

Health Risks

Touching or inhaling mold can cause severe allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, asthma and other respiratory problems, and even cause lung irritation. These effects can happen immediately, or be delayed after exposure to mold. Mold reactions are sometimes similar to hay fever, and include sneezing, skin rashes and a runny nose.

What to Do

Although it’s impossible to stop mold spores from flowing through the air, it is possible to control the environment in most buildings in order to prevent the growth and spread of mold. The number one step you can take to prevent the formation of mold is to control the humidity. Reducing the humidity to 30-60% greatly reduces the chances of mold formation. This can be achieved with the help of dehumidifiers, proper venting and exhaust fans. You’ll also want to make sure to dry wet furniture or carpet in a timely manner.

If you end up with mold on your property in Tucson, AZ, you can usually take care of it yourself for smaller areas, but you’ll want to consult with a professional for larger patches of mold, or mold that resulted from contaminated water, such as sewer water. When hiring a contractor, make sure the contractor is experienced with mold cleanup, and ask that they follow EPA guidelines, to ensure a safe mold removal.

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Safety is Our Biggest Concern:

Here at SCBS, LLC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety. When handling hazardous materials our team can be trusted to make sure proper removal and disposal practices are in effect on each and every project. SCBS leaves each project site clean and safe from hazards. We demobilize from sites acting as though our family and friends will work or live in the affected areas. SCBS, LLC makes sure each team member has the proper personal protective equipment including respirators, suits and all other industry specific equipment to ensure a safe working environment.

A Team Here for You:

SCBS’s team stands ready to help each of our clients with their specific needs. Whether a client requires help reading and understanding a mold inspection report or assistance in formulating a plan to remediate a significant portion of an office or home. SCBS is ready for any challenge. SCBS, LLC is both an Environmental and General Contractor. This means that we do not leave your site until the project is completed to your satisfaction. The removal of mold can result in significant damage to walls, flooring and ceilings. We can help facilitate and perform the work to build back affected areas once mold remediation activities have been completed.

Our Process

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    Visual Inspection

    Once a mold issue has been identified through a mold inspection report or with visible evidence, SCBS, LLC can send out a project manager who will visually inspect the area in question and take measurements and photos if necessary. The project manager will spend a good amount of time with the owner or owner representative and get a full understanding of the expected outcome of the project. This visual inspection is a FREE SERVICE.

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    Removal Proposal

    Once a project manager has visited the site and gotten all the pertinent information, SCBS, LLC will provide a potential client with a removal proposal. This proposal lays out in detail the plan of attack to remediate the mold contaminated area. It includes the cost of the project as well as the steps necessary to complete it.

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    Once an SCBS removal proposal is accepted by a client the next step is scheduling mobilization. SCBS will build a remediation team for your project. We will arrive on site at a time that is chosen by the client. The SCBS team will have all the equipment and protective gear needed to prep, remove and de-mobilize from the site. All federal and local regulations will be followed and the mold contaminated material shall be removed.

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    Clearance Testing

    Clearance is one of the most important aspects of the mold remediation process. Clearance testing certifies that the space that was affected is either needing additional remediation or that it is safe for re-occupation. SCBS, LLC requires that clients secure a contract with a 3rd party consultant that can test the air and give a formal certification that remediation activities have been completed. SCBS, LLC can help clients choose a reputable consultant or a client may use a firm that they may already know. Once the clearance certifies acceptance of the work performed based off of the air quality the project is complete.

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Our Standards

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  • Professional
  • Affordable

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